Leonardo Amico

BOSCH Power Tools

I planned a research and prototyping sprint to create intuitive UIs for DIY beginners

"It was a pleasure to work with the PwC IXDS team and remarkable how many valuable insights we could derive in a short amount of time."

In-depth case study of the project is available on request via email.


1 • Problem

Bosch came to us asking for fresh input for the UI design for their green line (entry-level), as they were looking to give people new to DIY more confidence in using the tools.

2 • Objective

We were tasked to come up a new UI concept based on user research, that would be intuitive for new users and that would work across all products of the entry-level green line.

The project was to be in the form of a double Design Sprint over the timeframe of 12 days (excluding preparation and recruiting). Over the course of this time we had one generative research session, a research synthesis part, and two iterations of concept development and user testing.

4 • My Role & Responsabilities

• Senior UX Designer and Prototyper

• Design Spring planning
(setting up the day by day activities and facilitating the worshops)

• Concept Development
(co-creation process including research planning, insight generation, value proposition, user journey map. BOSCH UX Owner as part of the team)

• Hardware Experience Prototype
(coordinating Interaction Designers and Industrial Designers in the project team, including "Wizard-of-Oz" approach for user-testing)


The final result was a list of user-validated recommendations, ranging from practical, low-effort ideas to more ambitious, high impact solutions.

The project findings were presented to the BOSCH product owners of the different Power Tools product categories.

Beyond the positive client feedback, our work “stuck” in the organisation. A later interaction with the client in the following year, was explicitly mentioning the concept that we created for this project.