Leonardo Amico


Instagram Autopilot - Scroll, like and hide posts with your face. A cautionary prototype for social media UX
Tidy - The teachable AI for keeping your rooms in order


Nuovo Oracolo Cittadino - An artificial intelligence fortune teller: emerging technologies transforming the mundane
Scout - A counterspy agent for your smart home


Paperclip Maximizer - A genetic algorithm evolving random points into paperclips shapes
Rugu - Review products by flicking emojis to them in AR


Atto Terzo - An online dream machine experience accompanying Lucifer Big Band music
Pali - Internet-enabled football goalpost.
After Tools - Speculative artifacts to train algorithms in a world without jobs


Solo - The AI radio that plays music based on your mood.
Utopia Dweller - A 2010s toolkit to live dreams of 1970s radical utopias
Sketch VR - Doodle on paper, take a picture, and view it in VR
Grip - Internet-enabled virtual coaching experience for climbing.


Cloning Objects - Inspectable products that contain all digital information for their own fabrication.
Casual Interfaces - Connect distant places through ambient communication
Howzat! - Desktop device reacting to live cricket scores.


Message Box - A music box that plays voice messages from the past
Programming Objects - What if objects were produced the way open source software is developed?
Patch of Sky - Internet-connected ambient lights, enabling you to share the sky above you with loved ones.
Museum Of Future Government Services - Interactive speculative design prototype about the future of health


Stone Pad - Digital music instrument
Processing Decay - Sound installation controlled by leaves