Leonardo Amico


I led a design team in agile UX and turned a vision whitepaper into a digital product

UI by Varenya Raj

In-depth case study of the project is available on request via email.


1 • Problem

ESG data is a key asset for companies to comply to regulations, access funding, attract talent and differentiate through sustainability.

But at the moment there are limited standards for ESG data, and companies sustainability efforts are either assessed by big data providers (MSCI, Bloomberg, etc.) with reduced company coverage and non-transparent methodologies; or by specialised certifiers with each their own requirements, making comparison very difficult.

2 • Objective

Dataland's vision is to create an open platform for organisations to exchange ESG data. A platform that is open for the participation of everyone; economically fair by giving data owners a compensation for their data; and neutral, by being setup as a non-profit organisation.

This project is of high strategic importance for PwC Germany, as is an opportunity for PwC be a prime-mover in the ESG data space and supporting their clients in sustainability transformation.

3 • My Role & Responsabilities

• UX and Research lead from the beginning of the project
(setting up a team comprised of one UI designer and one junior researcher)

• Generative research and definition of the initial value proposition

• Coordination of design team work in an agile setup
(including sprint planning, team rituals and stakeholder management)

• Individual contributor for UX Design and User Research
(including journey mapping, task-flows, concepts and wireframes; Reseach plans, conversation guides, insights synthesis)


I was the UX design and research lead for the platform since the beginning of the project, with my team I brought the product from whitepaper vision to a digital product.

In my role, I was an individual contributor for user research and UX as well as responsible to coordinating the design team to do UX in an agile manner, in a team where the was no product manager with experience in user-centred design.

Dataland is now an independent company, which grew from the initial 2 sponsors (PwC and d-fine) to 11 sponsors and as of now (Nov 2023) is due to launch to the public in mid 2024.