Leonardo Amico

Museum Of Future Government Services

Interactive speculative design prototype about the future of health

The Museum of Future Government Services is a design-futures exhibition that took place in Dubai from the 10th to 12th February 2014, during the UAE Government Summit. The Museum explores the future of travel, healthcare, education and urban services through immersive experiences and fictional design works.

The exhibition was conceived and created by Tellart and Fabrica, with creative consultancy of SuperfluxNear Future Laboratory and Noah Radford of the Institute for the Future.

I was part of the Tellart/Fabrica team that realized the Home Health section, where visitors were asked to explore a possible future of healthcare, and in particular I took care of the smart mirror exhibit.

Client - Prime Minister Office of Dubai, UAE
Role - Interaction Design/Technology
Project website - museum.governmentsummit.ae/2014