Leonardo Amico


A counterspy agent for your smart home

Our homes are increasingly populated by connected objects. Bulbs, thermostats, TVs, voice assistants and many other devices all try to make our life easier, but in exchange, they constantly collect and share information about us, with their makers and with other companies. And as these devices become part of our home life routines, it’s hard to keep remembering their privacy-sensitive behaviours.

Scout is our idea for bringing trust in the Smart Home. A device that monitors and displays the online communications of connected objects in real-time, and allows to react on any suspicious behaviour by sending the manufacturer a legal request of explanation about the data they collected.

Scout acts as the router where all your devices connect to. Every time they “talk” to another computer somewhere else in the world, sending or requesting data from it, Scout intercepts the data and visualises it on its display, by dropping a new block on a stack.

Read more about it on Medium.

Runner Up in the Home & Living category - Core77 Design Awards 2019

Role / Responsabilities

Concept/Interaction Design - in collaboration with Mike Shorter.

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